Welcome to Dobra Polska Szkola Fundation!

Polish Schools are important base of a strong polish community in US. They teach the youngest Poles generations born in United States about their roots, history, culture and tradition of their parents country – Poland, and also the knowledge of polish people involvement in creation of United States of America.

Dobra Polska Szkola Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching, supporting and promoting polish schools in United States.
The mission of the Dobra Polska Szkola Foundation is to create bigger awareness in polish society in USA of the importance their polish education, to create communication platform for the polish teachers, parents, students, education professionals and media and to popularize the history and culture of Polish ethnic group and its contribution to the establishment and development of the United States. The activities of the Foundation is directed to polish language schools in US and don’t involve any activities connected with school education program.

Dobra Polska Szkola Foundation is organizing among others workshops, courses and creative projects for children; culture events: shows, performances, concerts, in polish language, both at the schools and public places; collecting polish books for school’s libraries; helping to create school’s internet websites.